is a custom dress shirt for you?


For those who want the complete professional package there are the bespoke dress shirts. Custom dress shirt tailored to every inch of your physique, these are the pinnacle of male fashion elegance. But what can this made to measure wonder offer you?Well quite a lot actually, there are so many parts of a shirt that can be tailored to your liking that you might even feel a bit overwhelmed by it. Ranging from the collar to the sleeves, chest, buttons, cuffs, yoke, spread, pockets, fabric and so on. It’s also worth mentioning that all these parts have their own variations that define your style. For instance, did you know that you can have over 35 styles of collars? At there is a whole discussion that can be found about such shirts.

But for all these variations there is a huge advantage. There will be no one with the same shirt that you have, you are going to be unique! Almost every bespoke shirts is also a guarantee for good quality, no tailor will ever want to be known for making non-durable dress shirts. That would be very bad for his business. 

So how does a bespoke shirt fit? Well, exactly how you want a dress shirt to fit! After being measured by a tailor, or if your feeling bold you measure yourself, you can list certain characteristics to a shirt. If you are a bit skinny you could ask for a slim fit shirt because it will look better on you. If you are a bit heavier you could ask for the shirt to be wider to compliment your physique. Whatever your build is, this will work for you!

Why is shirt so important to man?

Just in time for spring.

If one Gentleman can only had one upper clothes on himit can be no other clothes but men’s shirt. Men can combine it with different ties like this: to work place, unbutton it for leisure. And of course, No man in this world has only one type of shirt. However, it is not easy to wear a shirt in the “outstanding” way. Just because men wearing shirts everyday in their lives, it does not mean that they understand everything about men’s shirt. There are too many types of men’s dress shirts.

No matter what kind of occasion, there is several types of shirts can be choose from.  There are official dress shirts, casual dress shirts, wedding dress shirts, etc. If one really pays attention to his appearance, he may also think about bespoke shirts. In a word, men cannot live without shirts. 

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